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For this series under the main theme of repetitions, we would like you to take pictures out your window everyday, from the inside to the outside, showing what there is através (meaning: across) your house  kitchen/ living room...What is it that you see everyday? We might think we know the view out our window, but if one looks closely, it is possible to perceive that there are small changes in the “familiar”. The window remains the same, but the landscape changes: the lighting outside is not always identical, weather conditions might alter the scenery, flowers might have blossomed in the tree across the street, some others might have fallen, some people, cats, dogs, birds might from time to time make an unexpected appearance... In these repeated photographs the small details will begin to rise to the forefront, just as they have begun to do in our lives during the slowed pace of the quarantine. 



Venice, March 2020

—  Name, Title

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